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So to update everyone. About a week or so ago I was outside with sinistra and we were cleaning out the dogs cage and i was trying to keep the dogs calm and give them attention while sinistra cleaned out the cages and the dog decided to pull around every where and she wrapped the lease around me and when the food was poured into the bowl she raced off and the leased that wrapped around pulled me to the ground and bruised my side and i think i bruised my ribs and i have been in pain the past week and i just hope that the pain gets better because right now i can only sleep on my one side and i have to keep ice on it and even though the pain is starting to get better it seems like some days are better than others. i just want the pain to go away and i can get better.


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I hope you get better soon too.>.< That reminds me of when I was younger and I was pulling my dog around (well more like hew as pulling me), and my mother called him and he went running, with me along for the ride. Well he hits the curb and when I got to curb I find myself going airborne because he's pulling me so hard that i'm flying for a bit, just like in the cartoons, the only difference is pain hurts in real life. :/

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