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The Master



Rain rain go away' date=' come again another day,

Sunshine clear it out like April showers in may.

Cause right now I'm seeking higher altitudes,

I've got these clouds in my way with nasty attitudes,

They try to knock me down by thundering but I refuse

to be deterred isn't my nature, I can never lose.

I'm thirsting for a water, but this rain will never quench,

I'm pushing onward through these clouds like I was heaven sent.

The change of pressure on my body is irrelevant,

I'm growing strong despite the presence of more detriments.

This is where I go to think and sort it out,

a castle in the sky that I know nothing about.

I keep it out of sight, and I keep it out of mind,

cause my problems bring a fight and I face them all the time.

They begin to siege my castle so the main tower, I climb.

Once I reach the top I'm amazed at what I find,

my problem was myself this whole time, like I've been blind.

But now I've got my sights lined up on my enemy,

I'm taking shots trying to liberate the inner me,

cause what I'm spittin out was once negativity,

I'll switch up the flow with alchemic activity,

clap my hands, complete the circle of energy,

Confusing, but that's the nature of divinity.[/quote']



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