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My Online Services "Free Trial" Rant!




Ok guys here we go! I am an only services kind of person we think that online services are cheaper and more afordable then some TV Providers not naming names *coughdishnetworkcough* But when you sign up for these free tirles you think well hey they are only gointo take a collar to make sure that it is a valid account. like "Most" online services do such as Amazon Prime. Not really a good service alot of old TV shows still have to pay for current TV shows and animes. So lets get started with my first.




A really good service but What if you are on a fixed income and want to try the service first and you have no money! Well you will just have to wait till the first. they put a $20.00 hold on your bank account. Yes you will get the money back with in a few days but why a $20.00 hold. What happened to this $1.00 stuff we were use to when trying to use a credit card to access a pron site. They just verified that the acount was a valid account and that was the end of it. (Not that I used a credit card for pron) Next up.




OK depending on if you get the DVD/Blu-Ray mailing then the cost may very. But what about those just wanting the free month of instant sreaming. Well they put a $7.00 for instant and I think $25.00 for both instant and DVD/Blu-Ray. So again, If you are on a fixed income you have to wait until you get your money to get access to this service. Yes netflix is a great service don't get me wrong there butagain I say if its a FREE trial then I should not be Charged for it even if it is a "hold" Now onto?




Another good streaming service that comes with a price tag of $7.99 a month. But what if you wanted to try it out and didn't have a credit/debit card and your friend is like "here use mine" well you are screwed on that aspect because it links the credit card to that person so they cet charged an extra 7.99 for letting you use their card. but hulu has a 72 hour cutoff so you can check it out within 72 hours if you so desire.


But my point is Why do we have to pay for a free trial of services when it clrealy states free trial that is false advertisments and should hae on the website "you will hae a hold put on your card for the amount stated. The top 2 GameFly and Netflix have this listed on there website. but no were can you find it on hulu.



I just don't think it is right If we like the service then we will pay for the next month. We do not have to have money put on hold in our account



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